This weekend the African National Congress will elect its new leader between Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa. Thousands of delegates of this party have to choose between their both candidates. This election is crucial for ANC and South Africa future. Because their voters began to doubt, since the corruption, criminality, and economic difficulties are increased. The results of the last local elections demonstrated this reality. People want the change, and ANC have to meet their aspirations. Meanwhile the two candidates have very different styles and visions. If for many people Ramaphosa representes change, Nkosazana is considered as the continuity for current President Zuma. Ramaphosa or Dlamini-Zuma, it is obvious that ANC must operate change if they want to govern again this country. If no, the future of this political party will be compromised. Because people could not continue to choose the corrupt and incompetent leaders.

It is this challenge that delegates should not forget during their vote. Everyone must question himself, and make the right choice according to his conscience. It is true that ANC have now many internal contradictions. But this is an opportunity to gather around the most important.

Why do I think that ANC have to take up this challenge? It is not for the fate of its leaders who will lose power, no! But because it would be a real waste and a regret for all Pan-Africanists, to see this historic struggle ends with a resounding failure of governance.

And after this appointment, the ANC must to make his self-criticism and set new directions in all serenity and objectivity.

This is my hope for ANC and South African. God bless you and guide your choices.

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De nationalité ivoirienne, je réponds au nom de Tawakkal DIAKITE. Je suis passionné de l'art du leadership. Plus d'infos dans la rubrique "A propos de moi" dans mon blog.

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